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Oral presentation: (Internal/External)

 1st prize Kalariya Award  (Rs.10,000)

 2nd prize By NRSM 2023  (Rs.7,500)

 3rd prize By NRSM 2023   (Rs.5,000)

Poster presentation: (Internal/External)

            1st prize Lalit memorial award (Rs.3,000)   

2nd prize By NRSM 2023 (Rs.1500) 

3rd prize By NRSM 2023 (Rs.1000)


Poster presentation For ACTREC 3rd-year PhD students:

 1st prize (Rs. 2000)

 2nd prize (Rs.1500)

 3rd prize (Rs. 1000)


Creative Corner 

Prizes will be given for each category

(Paintings or Drawings, Scientific images, Photography, Poem or Essay )

1st prize (Rs. 1500)

 2nd prize (Rs.1000)

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