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Leading the Way

This year marks the beginning of 18th year for NRSM with the theme, “नवरीति: Research & Innovation in Conquering Diseases”. Through this platform we are offering a versatile dimensional outlook in life sciences, research and medicine.


The conference is majorly focused in a set of talks and panel discussion given by eminent scientists and leading personnel in diverse fields of biological sciences including Modern innovations for early detection and screening of diseases, artificial intelligence-based diagnosis, disease management and personalized medications.


We invite keenly interested graduate and post-doctoral researchers to participate in NRSM 2022 and share their thoughts, rational behind the research, developments and challenges in scientific research in the form of posters and oral presentations on this prestigious platform to make it an integrative program. Along with that, selected abstracts shall be published as citable abstracts in Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology. You may submit your abstract. In addition to that this year we are arranging a science illustration workshop to encourage the fellow young minds and enhance their interest towards research.


At last, but not the least, we are also happy to inspire the participants to exhibit their talents in the form of arts and creative writings at our “Creative Corner” by submitting their entries.

We are looking forward to the novel ideas and insightful discussions that will be brought forward on this platform. For further details or queries contact us.

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